UR5 + Robotiq 2-Finger Gripper

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  1. Dear all,
    we have a problem by modelling a 2-Finger Gripper. There is a "Spring Link" to realize a parallel movement of the two fingers. These Spring Link can (somehow) not connected. Attached you can find the XML. Maybe someone has an idea.


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  2. Can you attach the full model?
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  4. upload_2020-3-3_17-14-57.png

    You need to fix the position of the anchors (red balls), the position of the joints (they are off as well) as well as the joint ranges to obtain the desired behavior.
  5. Many thanks Florian. Nice to see where these coordinates are. Do you can share these visualization? Just to have an example making things transparent and so.
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  6. This visualization is part of the simulate binary that comes with mujoco.
  7. Hi Hauke,
    Did you figure this out? I have been stuck in the same situation for a while. It will be great if you can share the working model....