Trouble with a closed Kinematic loop

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  1. I'm attempting to model the Robotiq 2-finger adaptive gripper. Each finger is an underactuated 2-DOF, fivebar mechanism, but I'm modeling it with the underactuated joint pinned, which turns each finger into a 1-DOF fourbar.

    I'm currently trying to use an "connect" equality constraint to connect the outer joint of the finger to the fingertip (closing the kinematic loop), but once I do this, the mechanism is unable to move, even with all joints being unlimited (just to be safe). I also disabled collisions between all the geoms by setting their contype to 2 in case that was causing issues.

    This is a simple fourbar that is not at a toggle point, so I'm not sure what the issue could be. I looked in some of the downloadable resources for guidance, but didn't see any that included a kinematic loop. I've attached a minimal working example.

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  2. Emo Todorov

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    Looks like you connected the bodies at the wrong place. The red sphere in the image shows your anchor point.

    There is a model of this robot in the Resources now.

  3. Where is it? I see a model of the 3-finger gripper but not the 2-finger one with the closed kinematic loop.
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  4. Also looking for help with this particular gripper. @Gautam Salhotra, were you able to figure it out?
  5. Was this Problem solved @Adam Allevato?
    I would be interested in the correct values for the gripper.
  6. were you able to find the model? or any solution to the closed kinematic loop.