Studying grasping/ROS support

Discussion in 'Simulation' started by Robotron, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. Hello dear community,

    For my recent project, I need a simulator that can check how good a grasp point is on a related object.
    The simulation shall also be controllable by code:
    1) Spawn an arbitrary object at a defined location
    2) Test the graspability of pre-computed grasp points using a gripper. A good grasp means that the object does not slip, can lifted up and behaves stable for some seconds during the grasp.
    3) Reset and go to 1) with an other object

    Is it possible to have such a routine implemented in MuJoCo?
    Is it possible to realize stable physics-driven grasps without the need of "cheating"?
    Furthermore, I wonder if one can have a flying gripper (no gravity applies) that is controlled by code via a "setPosition" command for step 2). This is so I can perform the grasps in a timely manner, saving the inverse kinematics calculations when using a full robot.
    Finally, does MuJoCo offer a ROS interface so that I can use ROS services and messages?
  2. Sorry i know that is an old question, but i have a similar project and i would like to know if you found a solution especially for the ROS interface.