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  1. Hi,
    I added 7 torque sensors in joints of my robot (arm- panda) and when I read the values (7x3), all of 3 values for each sensor varies through time. I thought two of them should be constant and only one of them, parallel to joint rotation angle for revolute joints, should change. Am I wrong? How can I use this sensor data? I want a 7x1 vector to multiply it by J and get a 6x1 F in task space.
    I also have another question. How can I put a 6-axis force torque sensor in the wrist of my robot in mujoco? how should I use it then?

    Thank you
  2. I guess I found the solution, but I'm not sure. I put a force sensor and a torque sensor in the wrist of my robot and read 6 values. Based on Mujoco book, these values will be in the site frame. So I used the transformation matrix to transform them into the world frame. When I plot the result values (world frame) using python, at the contact time it applies the negative value of force in z-direction:

  3. Does anybody have any idea about the value of fz? why it is about 12? I think it has to be 0. I just read the data from the sensor.
  4. Hi,
    I am willing also to read the force-torque sensor data in python, would you please share how you were able to get them with python?
    I think the Fz value comes from gravity!

    thanks in advance