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  1. inksci
  2. Ali Marjaninejad
    Ali Marjaninejad
    PhD student working in the Valerolab at USC. Interested in Machine Intelligence, Biomedical Engineering, and Robotics:
  3. Narek
    Lets model the future
  4. JadeCong
  5. Gbenga Abiodun
    Gbenga Abiodun
    I am new here and I want to control robot manipulator motion using reinforcement learning,can someone put me through implementation guide
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    Online Index
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  8. Norman
    Home Remodeling Newburyport
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    HK European
  10. Gbenga Abiodun
    Gbenga Abiodun
    please am new here, my computer could not open the activation key file, what can i do?
  11. David Clement
    David Clement
    Currently developing robot simulations in OpenAI Gym
  12. Akhil S anand
    Akhil S anand Jongwoo Lee
    hello Jongwoo,

    I am working with powered soft exo skeletons in TU Darmstadt, germany. This is regarding your query on Compatibility of OpenSim Models with MuJoCo.
    I have to develop a complete lower limb model in MuJoCo, so it will be very helpful if I could import the opensim model to MuJoCo directly. Could you please advise me if you were successful in doing so.

    Thanking you,
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    2. Jongwoo Lee
      Jongwoo Lee
      Hi! I have not looked at importing the osim to xml yet, but definitely will do in the near future. Let's keep in touch. I'm glad to meet somebody working on a similar field in this small MuJoCo community
      Apr 25, 2018
    3. Akhil S anand
      Akhil S anand
      hey lee,
      thanks for the reply, i was away from the forum for sometime now. Actually I am currently working with simulink lower-limb muscle model as I dont have enough time available now to explore the MuJoCo option. But I am expecting a muscle model from MuJoCo team in sometime to work with.

      Surely I will be in touch and let u know if there is something interesting.
      May 20, 2018