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  1. Gbenga Abiodun
    Gbenga Abiodun
    please am new here, my computer could not open the activation key file, what can i do?
  2. David Clement
    David Clement
    Currently developing robot simulations in OpenAI Gym
  3. Akhil S anand
    Akhil S anand Jongwoo Lee
    hello Jongwoo,

    I am working with powered soft exo skeletons in TU Darmstadt, germany. This is regarding your query on Compatibility of OpenSim Models with MuJoCo.
    I have to develop a complete lower limb model in MuJoCo, so it will be very helpful if I could import the opensim model to MuJoCo directly. Could you please advise me if you were successful in doing so.

    Thanking you,